Building A New Home in Northern Colorado

The question we hear the most from our new home clients is: “We want to build our very own dream home, but we have no clue where to begin-  what do we do first?”  Building your new home in Northern Colorado can be very challenging, yet also very rewarding.  It is likely to be frustrating at times, expensive if you let it, and time consuming if you’re not prepared for it.  We aim to make it a fun experience.  Here’s what you can do to start building a new home in Northern Colorado.

2908_hearthstone_MLS478013_HID233079_ROOMexteriorfront1You’ve probably heard stories about building a home, some good and some bad.  Whether it’s remodeling or building a new home, you’re likely to hear about the inconvenience and the time and cost of overruns.  Typically, horror stories are the result of poor planning and expectations not being met – problems that the builder and home buyer share equally.  Normally the results will more than justify the time and the cost and the effort put into the project as long as your original ideas were carefully considered and the project properly planned.

Every extra minute spent planning will pay off in extra weeks, months or thousands of dollars when the home is finished.  Planning is key to a successful home building experience. If your hearts are set on a brand new home there are several options to consider. Before considering the start-from-scratch method, you may wish to check out the existing new home market. Your dream home may be out there already. Many of the larger builders will have model homes and this is a good place to start but don’t forget all the other builders who may not have the resources to display a decorated model home but typically are ‘hands on’ small business-men who take a lot of pride in their work. We encourage you to utilize the NoCo New Home Team to represent and assist you in your search.  Be sure to coordinate tours of large home builders with us, otherwise you’ll be left to deal with the builders representative.  We are also the best way to reach the smaller builders, many of whom have just one or two homes or lots to build.

Typically a local, custom home builder might build five or 10 new homes per year. Most are pre-sold, meaning they were sold before built, but one or two may be started as speculative ventures and are usually sold sometime during the construction process. Obviously if you find one in an early enough stage of construction, you should be able to make some small customizing changes and perhaps be able to select cabinets, appliances, lighting fixtures, floor coverings, tile, etc. This will normally be your least expensive option.

The second option is to select a stock plan, which a builder is familiar with and has probably built before.  This can be a great option because if a builder has built it before, they will be aware of any issues that held them up during construction and adjust accordingly.  From this stock plan you will be able to make some changes to the layout and make all of the finish selections. You will use a lot, which the builder owns or has under option, or you can probably get the builder to build the home on the lot that you own or will acquire in an area of your choice. You will enter into a contract with the builder, which will specify a base price for the home and will provide allowances for the various items that you will be selecting.

CIMG5803If you prefer to be the master of your own domain, there are many home books out there full of floor plans. Once you have found a plan that best meets your desires you can purchase it and then look for a builder to build it for you. Since the builder will probably not have built this plan before, you can expect some reluctance, which may translate to a higher price per square foot than the first two options above. In addition, the plan may have to be redrawn to conform to local building codes, neighborhood covenants, and other restrictions.

As mentioned above, putting in a little extra effort in the beginning certainly prevents a lot of headaches throughout the process.  Building a new home in Northern Colorado doesn’t have to be difficult – build the right team around you and you’re likely to be ultimately satisfied with the entire process.

The NoCo New Home Team is committed to bringing you useful information, timely advice and expert service whenever you need it.  Whether it’s Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor, Greeley or anywhere in between, we’ve got Northern Colorado covered.  Feel free to contact the NoCo New Home Team or subscribe to our newsletters and market reports.  We’re always taking and responding to your questions and inquires!

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